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Investor Matching Tool

Find Nordic investors that match your startup

There are a lot of startup-friendly investors out there. This is of course a brilliant thing, but it can be difficult to pick and choose in the Amazonas jungle of options.

To make it a little easier, we have made a matching tool that helps you find a suitable investment partner.

It’s not rocket science, but it’s a place to start:

The tool gives you a series of questions about your company – concerning stuff like the industry you focus on, your team size and product status.

Then it offers investor recommendations, where all these aspects are taken into account, based on our profiling of 275+ investors across the Nordics.

And remember: While the tool works as a quick indicator of the funding types relevant to you, it should be combined with additional research.

Go through our funding overview from top to bottom. Visit a lot of investor websites. Talk to startups that partnered with a given investor in the past. Have tons of Skype meetings and conversations over coffee. Good luck.

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Find Nordic investors that match your startup