Intellectual Property Survival Guide

by House of Knowledge

Did you know that your business probably is built on Intellectual Property (IP)? We are talking about your knowledge, your skills, your know-how and everything that makes you a bit greater than your competitors. It is important to protect this uniqueness, and there are several ways to do it.

A strategy for managing your IP should be aligned with your overall business strategy. The IP Survival Kit will provide an overview of some of the tools available to protect your IP and what to be on the lookout for when developing your company.

The tools best suited for you depends on a number of elements, such as the nature of your idea or product/service, the industry you are operating within, where you develop, sell and manufacture your products as well as your general financial situation. House of Knowledge can advise you based on your specific needs. In the meantime, this handbook will give you tips on what you need to consider as a start-up.

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