Global IT Talent


To grow a startup to success, one might reach the point when international talent is needed. Whether it is to have the support of a ‘native’ to expand to new markets or because the needed mixture of skills, knowledge, attitude and personality cannot be found locally. Hiring a new person to a startup is resource demanding and may be a risk. No experience in hiring (internationally)? No idea where to start looking? No knowledge about the legalities and VISA process? No time to support with finding accommodation? No experience in ensuring that the new employee thrives in Norwegian society? Insecure whether it’s a cultural fit to the entrepreneurial spirit common for Norwegian startups?

To make this important step of increasing the talent capacity of your startup, AIESEC has teamed up with the Hub. With 70 years of experience in international professional intern placements, AIESEC will take away most of above-mentioned barriers – whether you already found the right match and struggle with getting the person here, or you know you need a skilled talent and struggle with where to start searching.

Wherever you are in the process, AIESEC are able to help with growing the talent capacity of your startup. Currently, the focus is on IT talents – knowing the struggle of finding the needed skills in Norway – while the network of 126+ countries also offers a pool of business administration, sales & marketing, mechanical engineers, and other.

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Alejandro Castro
Partnership Development Director 17/18
AIESEC in Norway

+47 484 96 485

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