100+ free contract templates

Unless you are a contract wizard, contracts might be a hassle to write perfectly, sign easily and store securely, but it doesn't have to be.

With more than 100 digital available contract templates ContractBook is soon to unemploy the printer in favour of entrepreneurs who is in need of an easier start to e.g. sales-, recuitment- and leasing contracts.

The templates reduce the risk of the FOMO effect when you fear of missing out that one important paragraph that makes a difference. Where as the contract management system makes signing as fun and easy as Mobile Pay and storing as organised and clean as you wish your desk always is but never really are.  

It is very simple!

1. Use one of the 100+ contract templates to get started! (or your own)
2. No more printing, send contracts for digital signature (sign e.g. by text message)
3. Never think about missing a deadline or losing a contract ever again! ContractBook store everything automatically! 

Don't be a stranger! Please reach out if you have questions or specific requests to:

Viktor Heide - COO & Founder
M: +45 31388842
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