Budget Template

by PwC

A budget is a great place to start when presenting your company to new investors, your bank, business partners, key staff or other close stakeholders, however, there are many ways to do so.

In cooperation with PwC, we will provide you with free basic templates that will create the structure you need, guide you through the necessary steps and hopefully, simplify your workload in order to free up time to use on other maybe more interesting tasks. 

How to make a winning budget

Making a budget can be difficult in a new business or in companies going through big changes. Business owners might sometimes tend to be a bit too optimistic regarding the possibilities to increase sales. But even though you should be moderate you should not be too cautious. Your budget needs to be both realistic and challenging if you want your business to grow.

When your business is up and running and you realise your budget won't hold, you should revise it after the new circumstances. Work with your budget throughout the year and remember to balance it against your actual results.

Good luck!

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