Agreement Templates

By Synch Advokat AB

Synch Advokat AB’s lawyers offer various templates through the regularly updated WeSynch Contract. It contains over 60 different documents in Swedish and English. You will be able to search, read and download standardized and ready-to-use templates, such as non-disclosure agreements and employment agreements. You will also get access to templates of company documentation such as board meeting minutes and share register as well as information about intellectual property, GDPR and more.

WeSynch Contract is a service to startup businesses and contains templates and information to give your startup you a head start. With WeSynch Contract, you will get access to knowledge, advice and templates necessary to launch your company and build a business. You will also be invited to “Synch WakeUp”, a series of seminars at Synch’s office in Stockholm focused on providing hands-on knowledge on legal topics.

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