A Guide To International Recruitment

by Dansk Industri

The shortage of qualified labour is a reality for many companies in Denmark today. In the future it might even be one of the biggest challenges for Danish businesses.
A lot of information and a number of useful, and for the vast majority free, counselling opportunities exist for companies that recruit or plan to recruit internationally. However, it can be time consuming to navigate in the information, which is often spread among various actors and authorities. Thus, DI Global Talent put together a Guide to International Recruitment with the aim of providing companies with an overview of available help; a shortcut to the most relevant and updated information about the opportunities and the legal matters associated with the recruitment of international labour, as well as inspiration and ideas for retention of international employees.
The guide gathers the most important information and links to more detailed information. The aim is to create a short and comprehensive overview of the available material already developed by different actors. The guide is relevant for companies considering or already engaged in international recruitment.
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