A Fundraising Guide for Entrepreneurs

How to raise venture capital and private equity funding – a guide for entrepreneurs by the Finninsh Venture Capital Association, FVCA.

The fundraising guide by the Finnish Venture Capital association, FVCA, provides best practices on how to secure funding for a growing company in Finland.

A venture capital or private equity investment refers to an investment in a company by a professional investor, usually in exchange for a portion of the company’s shares. A venture capital investment is a great way to accelerate a company’s growth. The benefits of venture capital and private equity investments lie in professional knowledge of growth as well as the expertise and contacts an investor can bring in. The aim of private equity investors is to raise the value of the company through the company’s success, so that this rise in value benefits all stakeholders. Growth built with investors is also in the entrepreneur’s interest: it makes the company more valuable.

There are Five Steps to Securing Venture Capital or Private Equity Funding according to FVCA:

  1. Determine whether your company is suitable for investment
  2. Find the right investor
  3. Understand the investor’s investment thesis
  4. Prepare your company’s growth path
  5. Fundraising is also sparring

More steps and information can be found in the guide. Make sure to download it to learn more about fundraising opportunities.

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