5 Steps to Registration of an EU Trademark

by Fondia

A hitchhiker’s guide to an EU-trademark registration

Many of our clients refer to their logos and brands as “trademarks”, but the truth is that using a certain word or image to label your product or service with, is not the same thing as using a registered trademark. A mark that is not a registered trademark can be imitated and even registered by someone else – leading you to a situation where you either have to initiate a legal process to get “your” trademark back, or to start looking for a new brand.

Putting it bluntly: without a registration, you’re an outlaw in the world of trademark law.

This is easily avoided by registering your mark. In this guide, we explain the steps necessary to register your trademark in the EU by five simple steps. However, being lawyers, we must inform you that we can take no responsibility for the outcome of your trademark application. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact us at our legal hotline.

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