Aps is a leading grants finding service in Denmark. It helps students win grants to study what and where they want. Further, work as fundraisers for government agencies, businesses and non-profits.Since early 2014 we have grown to become a top rated service within grants suggested by hundreds of on-line reviews primarily from Danish students. Besides we have raised money from foundations to a number of organizations including small business grants and other grants My name is Soren and I am founder at ( Professionally, I have consulted students, startups and international organisations, as well as for-profit and non profit companies and helped scaling organisations and operations across the country and internationally. Many of my clients has benefited largely financially from my expertise with fundraising. It's encouraging to experience their success in part thanks to my efforts and connections. On the personal side, I have travelled to 39 UN countries incl. Malta, Sweden, Indonesia and many more and lived abroad 6 years. And I want to visit every country in the world. A polyglot by nature capable of using 5 languages; completed a Thai MBA degree and speak Thai fluently. I am a winner of some of the most prestigious Danish scholarships.
Location Egå
Founded 2014
Employees 1-10
Industries Fintech, IT & Software, Service
Stage Growth and expansion
Business model -
Funding state -