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Do you really know about all the cloud apps that are being used by your organisation?

Discover all the cloud services that are being used on your network and re-assess your compliance.

With easy-to-deploy technology, you can quickly discover which cloud services are in use by your organisation and have a real-time inventory to work from. With Ampliphae's comprehensive cloud app database, you can view details of each of the services being used.

Understand and assess the implications of using those cloud services.

Spot potential compliance problems faster, particularly topical with GDPR. Check on the developers'‚Äč pedigree. Assess business and legal risks associated with each cloud service discovered. How can you assess technical and business risk unless you have the right tools?

Control your business systems service levels by applying policies and procedures.

Control uptake before your business incurs unplanned licensing fees. Easily specify and implement cloud policies for your whole network. Create automated emails to users who sign up for and activate a new cloud service, reminding them of company policies. Generate regular, detailed cloud usage reports. 

If you, or someone you know, would value a briefing about the business implications of cloud applications, cloud risk, security or compliance please get in touch. 

Perks & Benefits

Free coffee / tea: Get your caffeine fix for free
Maternity / paternity leave: Kids are the future, go spend time with them
Pension plan: We take care of you, even when you are old and wrinkly
Flexible work hours and vacation: Morning person or night owl, this job is for you
Located near public transit: Easy access and treehugger friendly workplace

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