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Chief Executive Officer of Nofence

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We are now seeking a CEO to lead the Norwegian agri-tech adventure that is transforming the animal grazing industry and making the world more sustainable.

As CEO of Nofence, you will lead a dedicated team of professionals towards shared and common goals that support farmers, improve animal welfare, and restore fertility of the soil. You will play a key role in realizing the company’s vision of international scaling. You will ensure results by taking control of costs, optimizing production processes and distribution, and securing the development and implementation of a robust and competitive strategy.

We are seeking a leader with strong operational expertise, and preferably a good understanding of scaling both hardware products and software systems. You have shown the ability to build strong teams and preferred working culture. We believe you have experience as a CEO or have held positions reporting to a CEO, with a demonstrated ability to build solid company structures and drive top and bottom-line growth.

We offer a competitive compensation package and the opportunity to lead a pioneer within its field with tremendous market fit. With a professional board and backed by strong investors like Ferd, Sandwater, Momentum and Futurum Ventures, the company is well positioned for international scaling and expansion.

Do you want to join the transformative movement towards global change and sustainable development? Then we look forward to hearing from you!

Contact our advisors in Assessit for further information regarding the position.

Nofence is a Norwegian company founded with the vision of replacing physical fences with virtual fences for sheep, goats and cattle. As the concept grew, so did the interest, and the dream of virtual enclosure transformed into a mission: to get animals out to pasture where they belong.

Nofence was invented and patented by company founder Oscar Hovde in 2011, comprising of a collar that the animals carry around their neck. Farmers draw a virtual fence in their app and as the animal approaches this virtual fence, a sound signal indicates that the animal is approaching a boundary. Customer feedback, innovation and patience was, and continues to be, an integral part of the product development.

Today, Nofence is a team of international professionals with a shared set of goals: to support farmers, improve animal welfare, and restore soil fertility and biodiversity.

The company has its largest office in Molde, with additional offices in Oslo, Trondheim, UK, Spain and the US. Currently the company has about 60 employees, mainly based in Norway.

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