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This is a long ad, but it is also a very important position. So let's just try to keep that in mind and not judge the ad too hard... 

Who we are
Since our start in 2017 we have put customer satisfaction as our first, second and third priority - customer happiness means everything to us! To make our customers' lives better we have provided smart tools that help put financial power back in the hands of the people – where we believe it belongs. Everything we do is based on one vision: to improve the world’s financial health.

So far, we’ve helped Swedes, Finns, Norwegians and Germans save millions by refinancing expensive consumer credits. Lately we have gone even further, helping users get control of their day to day finances and even save for the future. But we aim higher: new markets, new products and new ways of improving people’s financial lives. This means we need to continue to provide world class customer service and support to more and more users across multiple markets with increased regulatory complexity. 

That is why we are currently searching for a Head of Operations to lead our Ops department while we continue to increase the speed of the Anyfin rollercoaster. There are still millions of people who are paying too much interest on consumer credit and are not in control of their own finances and we plan to reach them all - yes, we are serious about that mission…

What you will be doing
Let's start with the basics - the role sits atop of an organization of roughly 60 employees spread across our four active markets. The bulk of your colleagues - including your three direct reporting country Managers - are based in our HQ in Stockholm while you will also have people working from Norway and Germany.

The Operations Department handles all incoming and outgoing customer contact as well as more technically complex matters such as risk assessments, KYC, AML and collections. At the end of the day, your team is the face of our organization towards our users which arguably makes it the most important function that we have at Anyfin. In addition to providing the best service possible, your job will include, but not be limited to: 

  • Formulate and carry out strategy that aligns with Anyfin’s overall business plan

  • Headcount forecasting and staff planning.

  • Tracking and improving relevant KPIs such as Customer Satisfaction, response time and so forth - we’re not going to list all of them but you get the idea.

  • Responsibility for the scalability and automation of processes as we continue to grow into new markets and develop new products.

  • Work together with other departments across Anyfin such as Credit & Analytics, Legal and Engineering to ensure compliance and smooth business operations

At first we thought that we would skip writing something about employee satisfaction and engagement as it seems obvious that this is one of the most crucial element of the role. But then we thought - “Couldn’t that convey the picture that we don’t care about the soft skills?” So here we go: The upskilling, continuous training and development of the Managers and their respective teams is - without a doubt - the most important part of your job! 

Who you are
Firstly: Customer obsession - you breathe and live it in everything that you do. You inspire people around you to care as much as you do and you lead by example.
Secondly: Customer obsession - that wasn’t a mistake, it's just so important that we thought we would write it again.
Thirdly: In order to be successful in this role we believe that you will have experience from a similar role at another company. You have 3+ years of experience from leading through other leaders and you know how to juggle and prioritize between long term improvements and the here and now.

When we call your references they will describe you as a people person who cares deeply for those around you and values the wellbeing of your team. At the same time they will highlight your ability to avoid getting caught up in the details, always keeping your eye on the long term goal and inspiring people to work towards it. In short: we want you to be able to showcase how you have built well functioning teams and a track record that illustrates your ability to context switch between a “hands on” and a strategic approach.

We offer you
We offer you the chance to be part of something truly amazing. With strong backers and a world class team there is no limit to what we can achieve together. We promise that you will be challenged, pushed to develop your skill set and get the opportunity to work alongside amazing and smart colleagues.

While we've had a good run so far it is what lies ahead that excites everyone that works here, and we are just getting started. Then there is the compensation package, centrally located cozy office, extra time off on your birthday and a bunch of other benefits as well. But we will get to all that in due time.

For now begin your journey with us by clicking "Apply" below. We cannot wait to meet you! 

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Free coffee / tea
Free coffee / tea

Get your caffeine fix to get you started and keep you going.

Social gatherings
Social gatherings

Social gatherings and games; hang out with your colleagues.

Near public transit
Near public transit

Easy access and treehugger friendly workplace.

Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

Time is precious. Make it count. Morning person or night owl, this job is for you.

Free office snacks
Free office snacks

Peckish after lunch? We got your back with soft drinks, treats and fruit.

Free friday beers
Free friday beers

Friday is something special, let's enjoy a beer together.

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Working at

Anyfin is a fintech company based in Stockholm. We provide smart tools that help put financial power back in the hands of the people – where we believe it belongs. Everything we do is based on one vision: to improve the world’s financial health. We are a fast-growing team of 100 co-workers specializing in programming, artificial intelligence, design, customer success and credit underwriting. Working for Anyfin is an exciting journey, where we are all close to the decisions and what’s going on in the company. We constantly explore new ways, fail fast and challenge to improve. We never settle. Anyfin is a great place to work because: - Our interests are in alignment with the customers’. We truly care for people, which means they can trust us without a doubt. We would never do anything we wouldn’t want ourselves. - Technology is king, we want to do it right from the start: agile, modular and on the forefront of innovation. - The time from idea to reality is short and we all contribute to the company success. - We are a team of ambitious, competent and kind people. - Together with strong financial backing, it's a pretty sweet deal.

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