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Engineering Team Lead - Remote or in-house

Salary Competitive

The role

We are currently looking for a new technical people lead for our Connect product team. As the team lead, you will play a leading part in the development of Portchain's products and people. We are focused on building a modern and user friendly platform, where users in the shipping industry can make quick decisions and stay informed through organised data.

You will be leading a team of skilled, friendly, and passionate developers. The team members are located partly remote and partly on location in Copenhagen and creating team spirit, motivating, and coaching remotely will therefore be a central part of your role.

Where you are located is up to you as long as you are in or near Europe

The company

We are a 27 person strong team made up of 9 nationalities, with half the company and most of engineering working remotely. On the engineering team, we have an average of 9 years experience, so you will get experience to work, learn and spar with. You can read more about the team and our remote culture on our website: https://www.portchain.com/careers.

We believe that a good software engineer is one who has the freedom to explore good solutions and has a team that lets the best argument win. We aim for having autonomous teams that co-own the platform and its technical evolution.

The team

The team consists of a product manager, a product designer, a handful of engineers, and you. Portchain is a strong believer in outcome-based development, so we focus a lot on the Why and ensuring we make a difference for our users.

Your primary tasks will be:

  • Coach, lead, and develop your team to high performance while maintaining a good culture
  • Contribute to the code as an individual, but probably not more than 30-40% of your time
  • Help facilitate effective meetings and drive our agile development process
  • Ensure a simple and fitting architecture for our solutions
  • Support and facilitate your team in technical discussions and break ties if needed.
  • Help maintain and implement processes to support our development work
  • Collaborate closely with the product and the rest of engineering

Important: We will only be reviewing and accepting applicants in and near Europe.


Team lead

  • You have great people skills and are able to coach, lead, and develop individuals in a remote-first multi-national, and multicultural team
  • You have strong tech skills and experience and know when to use them
  • You have people leader experience from a tech organization
  • You understand the workings of product development and are focused on outcomes
  • You are structured and have experience from helping your team perform the best they can.
  • You are a good team player and collaborate well with different subject-matter-experts and stakeholders to increase the quality of the deliverables


  • 5 years minimum of professional experience in Software Engineering
  • Experience with any or all of the following technologies: Node.js, React, TypeScript
  • Full stack proficient – Nobody is perfect in all, but you’ve dabbled in different domains.
  • Solid analytical and problem-solving skills paired with the ability to develop creative and efficient solutions
  • Proficiency in automated unit and integration tests
  • Previous professional experience working remotely
  • An understanding about that we always have to navigate between the immediate impact of a feature and the technical debt incurred by its implementation. You are able to carefully weigh the pros and cons and make a choice in favour of the company and the team

Bonus skills

Not required, but areas we want to be better in, so if you can tick any of those below, we could use that.

  • Experience with building B2B and consumer quality products from start-up/scale-ups
  • Deeper understanding of network and application security and maybe also security when it comes to CI/CD
  • Architectural experience with Cloud services like AWS, Google Cloud and Azure
  • DevOps/SRE experience


The classics

Competitive salary, flexible working environment, kick-ass lunch (If in CPH) and amazing colleagues.

Our extras

A culture that encourages organic growth, with opportunities to expand and switch your context as you grow. To help this, there is also a budget and time set aside for your own career and skill development.

Your growth

There is clearly more to a job than “where do I sit” - It’s about culture, it’s about social connections. It’s about helping each other become productive team members. That is why the Portchain employee-journey is a journey of growth. As the company grows, we want you to grow, contribute and develop with it. We take pride in each individual contributing in their distinct way - it is not just about where you are, but also where you want to go in your career - we want to go there with you!

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

Time is precious. Make it count. Morning person or night owl, this job is for you.

Free coffee / tea
Free coffee / tea

Get your caffeine fix to get you started and keep you going.

Remote work allowed
Remote work allowed

You know how you perform best. Work from your couch, your favorite cafe or abroad when you feel like it.

Work life balance
Work life balance

Carve out time for your kids, friends and personal cider projects.

Working at

Portchain is a Danish startup founded in 2017 by three McKinsey project managers, who believed that the enormous advances in processing power and algorithms could be used to help carrier and terminal planners find optimal solutions to the toughest problems in the shipping industry. Combining simple and intuitive UX design with advanced mathematics and cutting edge web technologies, Portchain unleashes the power of AI to create a step change in operational performance for shipping companies.  Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Portchain has a diverse team with many different nationalities and backgrounds. What unites us is a common goal: Building user-centric AI applications that create operational benefits for shipping companies around the world.

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