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Care to Translate is an award-winning social impact company that develops digital translation tools for the healthcare sector. We solve the problem of language barriers by offering state of the art products that deliver safe and efficient communication between healthcare professionals and patients.

Senior Fullstack Developer at Care to Translate

Would you like to be part of building technology that tears down language barriers in health care? We are looking for passionate developers who want to join our journey towards equal healthcare for all.

The Product

Our current solution consists of many different pieces, among them a content management system for our phrase library, a portal for our customers, API's to bring everything together, and of course our medical translation app that is available on ios, android and web. If you want to know more about how that looks, you can always test the free version by downloading it on google play or appstore.

At the moment our products are mainly built in .net6 and typescript (react + react native), but we do have some projects built in python, node and java as well. Everything is hosted in Azure. We will of course keep working with the chosen languages, but are always open to learn new ways of developing and hosting the best possible solutions.

The Position

We are growing quickly and want to find more developers to help us develop tomorrow's solutions to interpretation in health care. Our tech team currently consists of four full stack developers and one product designer, but we are looking to expand with more designers and developers. You will help us face new challenges that comes with scaling up the company, and it can include anything from DevOps or technical infrastructure to app design fixes or feature development.

We believe that your passion, rather than a role description, should be a guidance in what you will focus on. Therefore we don't really care about what stack you have used before. As long as you have built products before and are passionate about technology, we believe you can learn our stack and provide us with new ideas inspired by your previous experience.

Way of working

We believe the best code is written together and we encourage working in pairs or mobs to have living discussions about all aspects of programming. That's also why we prefer to work on location, where it's easier for us to collaborate whenever needed without worrying about communication blocks.

With that said, we understand that it's sometimes easier to work on your own, and we are flexible when it comes to setting up a way of working that suits everyone.

We encourage new ideas, and always try to optimize our processes through retros and open channels for feedback and discussion.

    It is a full time position
    Ps. You can send your application in Swedish or English :)

    Perks and benefits

    This job comes with several perks and benefits

    Flexible working hours
    Flexible working hours

    Time is precious. Make it count. Morning person or night owl, this job is for you.

    Near public transit
    Near public transit

    Easy access and treehugger friendly workplace.

    Working at
    Care to translate (Språk i vården)

    We provide digital translation- and communication tools to healthcare professionals and patients which they can easily reach via their cell phones or tablets. The tool in its' present form simply translates a range of different words and phrases that are useful in healthcare, any time that an interpreter is not available, which is most of the time...

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