Senior Frontend Engineer

Salary Competitive
1 import Penneo from 'Copenhagen/Denmark';
2 import Developer from 'Anywhere';
4 class FrontendDeveloper extends Penneo.Component {
5 constructor(props) {
6 = {
7 url: '',
8 name: 'Penneo',
9 description: 'Where regulatory compliance meets productivity - we take care of business processes, document transactions, digital signing, KYC and risk assessments in an easy, secure and compliant way',
11 awesome: true
12 };
13 }
15 submit() {
16 Developer.apply({
17 attachment: Developer.getCV()
18 )};
19 }
21 getRequirements() {
22 return [
23 'Extensive web technologies knowledge (+5 years experience)',
24 'Knows Typescript and CSS like the palm of your hand',
25 'Experience with modern web frameworks',
26 'Looking for a challenge',
27 'Eye for detail and design is a plus',
28 'Pragmatic and can prioritize delivering value to customers',
29 'Enjoys mentoring and sharing knowledge'
30 ];
31 }
33 render() {
34 return (
35 <Penneo.Headline>
36 Hello {},
37 Penneo is a fast-growing RegTech (Regulatory Technology) SaaS company headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. We successfully serve customers in industries like accounting, legal, and finance, enabling them to manage and automate their business-critical processes in a compliant, secure, and effortless way
39 Following a successful IPO in 2020 and the listing on Nasdaq Copenhagen Main Market in April 2022 we are now more than ever, in a position to execute our strategy for European expansion. We are not only looking for new employees, we are looking to form new long-term relationships with people who resonate with our culture and values.
40 <‌/Penneo.Headline>
42 <Why.Join>
43 At Penneo you will work together with a multicultural team of highly skilled, open-minded and enthusiastic developers to create and maintain customer facing products that scale. We work with <b>React, Vue, Redux and TypeScript, among other technologies.<‌/b> Experience with these is a plus, but not required.
45 We don’t hire people just for their technical skills. We also want your input and ideas about the way we do things and our products. We promise you a great opportunity to take your skills to the next level and have a lot of fun while doing it!
47 Denmark is the happiest country in the world, so even if you have to relocate, you shouldn’t worry. We’ve got you covered with relocation assistance. We have a very international and closely knitted team that is always happy to help and enjoy the good times together.
48 <‌/Why.Join>
50 <Penneo.DNA>
51 At Penneo, our most important asset is PEOPLE. We’re not looking for new employees, we’re looking for new teammates. We strive to do what we love, to love what we do and to make every day fun and engaging. In other words, we are a PEOPLE company!
53 <ul>
54 <li>We put the team and organization before ourselves<‌/li>
55 <li>We take responsibility for our mistakes and learn from them<‌/li>
56 <li>We’re accountable and have integrity<‌/li>
57 <li>We’re curious and not afraid to ask questions<‌/li>
58 <li>We love to help and be helped<‌/li>
59 <li>We love learning new things and improving our ways of working<‌/li>
60 <‌/ul>
61 <‌/Penneo.DNA>
63 <Penneo.Perks>
64 If you are not already convinced to learn more about the position by the above, then this might not be the right match for you, but we do have a few more benefits up our sleeves: Does this sound like you? Do you want to work with some of the most inspiring and talented people in the industry? Are you up for a big challenge and a fantastic journey?
66 <ul>
67 <li>Temporary remote working opportunities<‌/li>
68 <li>Office location in the city center, close to many public transportation options<‌/li>
69 <li>Office location right in the city center<‌/li>
70 <li>Monthly Friday Bars and regular social events<‌/li>
71 <li>Private Health insurance<‌/li>
72 <li>Catered Lunch<‌/li>
73 <‌/ul>
75 Does this sound like you? Do you want to work with some of the most inspiring and talented people in the industry? Are you up for a big challenge and a fantastic journey?
76 <‌/Penneo.Perks>
78 {Developer.experience === this.getRequirements() &&
79 <Penneo.Button onClick={this.submit}>
80 If you're interested, just apply below!
81 <‌/Penneo.Button>
82 }
83 );
84 }
85 }


Who are we looking for?

As a Senior Frontend Engineer at Penneo, you will collaborate with a multicultural team of highly skilled and open-minded Engineers. You will work on our customer-facing platform and UIs with a focus on using APIs to provide web experiences that solve business needs. The position is full-time at Penneo’s HQ in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We’re looking for a colleague that is open to exploring other parts of our stack and does not shy away from adding small things to our APIs, exploring our databases or tweaking a CI pipeline

We expect you to have significant experience with architecting and building software that scales well, preferably from working in product teams with a strong focus on customer happiness. We are looking for someone who understands the relevance of delivering value over perfect code.

What would be your responsibilities?

We foresee the following responsibilities, but you’ll have the opportunity and freedom to influence and define them with us.

  • Productive Collaboration with Product Development Team members;
  • Improving documentation and code practices;
  • Taking on complex, abstract challenges in order to solve real-world customer problems across product lines;
  • Building and developing the skills of your colleagues;
  • Participating in team activities;
  • Improving codebase quality.


      What makes you a great match?

      We believe that the following traits and experiences are important for becoming successful in this role, and it is the basis upon which we assess candidates. However, we acknowledge that talent takes many forms and we would still like to hear from you, even if you don't think you match all the points below.

      We expect you to:  

        • Hold 5+ years of experience in a similar role;
        • Hold solid experience developing/improving service-oriented architecture;
        • Keep up-to-date about new technologies and new paradigms;
        • Be ready to go new ways to solve technical problems,
        • Prefer solving problems through effective and persistent solutions rather than doing workarounds, even if that means investing more time to deliver;
        • Enjoy taking time to mentor other team members and share knowledge with your colleagues;
        • Be pragmatic and prioritize delivering value to customers over perfect code.

      How will this role progress?

      It is important to us to be as transparent as even possible and to give you the opportunity to level expectations for the role. We, therefore, share our impact description in advance, and we would love your thoughts about it in your cover letter.

      During the 1st month, you will

      • Meet your new colleagues and understand who is doing what;
      • Get comfortable with the day-to-day operations of the Product Development Team;
      • Understand the problems that the Penneo products solve for customers;
      • Use most features of the Penneo KYC / Penneo Sign products,
      • Learn about product platform features and contribute to documenting them,
      • Use the deployment process to make a product contribution;
      • Fix some simple bugs.

      Within 3  months, you will

      • Contribute to building and improving core product platform features across server-side and client-side codebases;
      • Contribute to building a strong product development team by being a part of finding and reviewing possible team members and establishing good software development habits for the team;
      • Ensure deliverable quality by doing an approach review and deliverable review of your colleagues' work;
      • Engage in our 3rd level support rotation;
      • Understand our production environment.

      Within 6  months, you will

      • Feel comfortable working on most parts of the frontends of our platforms;
      • Engage in helping others understand the platform better;
      • Understand how to manage risk when deploying changes;
      • Begin to deploy changes;
      • Identify ways to improve the way we do development;
      • Participate in meetings with external stakeholders.

      Within 12 months, you will

      • Have contributed individually to multiple key components in our products;
      • Have established and executed an initiative that strengthens the professional development of the product development team;
      • Have contributed to converting one or more product platform components to open source projects;
      • Are engaged in improving our core practices.

        Our Engineering roles are instrumental to our ambitious growth aspirations, and we’re eager to learn on the journey with you. It all depends on your capabilities for continuous learning and equally important - your dreams for the future.

        By now we hope you’re sitting with a smile on your face, ready to apply and contribute to the Penneo adventure.

      About our interview process

      We want you to know what to expect. All of our interviews can be conducted remotely, scheduled via email, and Google Meet for audio/video calls if you prefer.

      1. Call with one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists, Anna (~30m): introduction to the company, mutual initial expectation leveling.
      2. Call with our VP of Engineering, Jesús (~45m): Get to know each other, assess for mutual fit, introduction to the impact and goals for the position.
      3. Tech round (~1h): Get to know 2 engineers that you will be working with, and have in-depth conversations about building software, working with a team, and decision making.
        We  expect you to go through a small technical assessment test that can be:
        • A case to work on your own and present during the interview
        • A case to work on with us, in a pair programming setting
        • A case to discuss in an interview setting
      4. The practicalities (~45m): Closing talk with our VP of Engineering, Jesús, to agree on compensation, starting date, and all other practical details.

        Best of success with your application!

      Please note that we are screening and interviewing on an ongoing basis. If you are interested in any of our roles, please do not hesitate to submit your application.

      Penneo is an equal opportunity employer. All aspects of employment, hiring and promoting are based on merit and business needs. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, marital status, age, national origin, physical or mental disability, medical condition, pregnancy, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.


      Perks and benefits

      This job comes with several perks and benefits

      Free lunch
      Free lunch

      Enjoy a free catered lunch with your colleagues, every day.

      Flexible working hours
      Flexible working hours

      Time is precious. Make it count. Morning person or night owl, this job is for you.

      Free coffee / tea
      Free coffee / tea

      Get your caffeine fix to get you started and keep you going.

      Near public transit
      Near public transit

      Easy access and treehugger friendly workplace.

      Social gatherings
      Social gatherings

      Social gatherings and games; hang out with your colleagues.

      Free friday beers
      Free friday beers

      Friday is something special, let's enjoy a beer together.

      See all 19 benefits

      Working at

      At Penneo we are constantly breaking barriers and expanding our horizon. Founded back in 2014, we have quickly evolved from a digital signature platform to a set of solutions that automate workflows related to client onboarding (KYC), digital signing, and document management. We are now 100+ passionate people, from all over the world, with a clear mission: to make it easy and beneficial for companies to be compliant in a world where being accountable for the way you do business is a matter of course. We believe in the power of authenticity. At Penneo you can be yourself, with your culture, perspective, and way of thinking. It is when different points of view are shared together, that miracles happen. At Penneo, we believe that work should be fun. In our office, we have jokes and music. You can truly sense a humorous and informal atmosphere around. We aim to work hard, but have fun doing it.

      Read more about Penneo

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