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Study grants for robotics and engineering students - 2023/2024

Salary Competitive

You have unique potential and a solid hands-on portfolio and skills, despite of your young age. You are 1-2 years away from studying abroad and you'd like to consider to do it in Denmark. Denmark, like other countries, charges tuition fees for students from outside of the EU, making it economically difficult for many.

Here's an idea/proposal for you: join our startup as an early member of our team with equity, contribute to our success and we will give you a grant to cover your tuition in Denmark. We also offer you a salary of 16000 kr per month while you study, which can potentially come on top of the state-grant of ~6000 kr (SU). Before you studies you have a few internship weeks with us (plan TBD with you) and you have the contractual chance to continue working with us for 42000 kr per month after graduation.

We want this to be the best deal available to top talent that wants to come and work/study in Europe.


We are looking to hire mechanical, electronics, mechatronics and embedded software and decided to offer a grant to unique individualsYou would be part of a startup of 18 transitioning aggressively from pre-launch prototype to a commercial product.

We ultimately work on a solution that can solve world hunger and we need partners that are passionate and committed about such important journey.

Core to that journey is our belief that engineers make dreams reality. We are inspired by the engineering quality and principles of companies like Tesla and SpaceX, specially the obsessive focus, first principles, laws of simplicity and the power of manufacturing as a driver of innovation. Although we expect to build our company's culture as we grow, we believe it will be strongly aligned with those principles and ambition.

We offer you:

  • Unpaid work until you move to Denmark (in exchange for equity)

  • Paid seasons (a few weeks, summer, etc..) working and having fun with our team

  • Grant covering 25% of your tuition fees

  • 16,000 kr. salary for a part-time job while you study (on top of that, you can benefit from 6,397kr per month from state-sponsored SU under certain circunstances https://www.su.dk/media/1801/grafisk-oversigt-over-satser_2021.pdf)

  • 42,000 kr salary after graduation

The salary components are likely ~25% over standard. That is because we are looking for the top 5% of quality. This can be a perfect match if you're driven and willing to change the world.

We are strictly focused on folks willing to bring high performance and obsessive focus. You're willing to join a startup and commit to it success. You're good at making things happen against though deadlines and strong individual goals. You're likely an engineer at heart when you address challenges and problems.

Please take some time to apply.

Include relevant experience that shows why you're a top candidate: clearly identify your interests, goals, strengths and weaknesses.

For more information or questions please contact us at anibal@charlesrobotic.com

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Equity package
Equity package

Want to be a partner? Look no further.

Working at

CHARLES is a robotics firm launching a farming robot very soon. We believe in technology as a driver of common good and want to launch a robot that will change how humanity functions in it core. We are currently hiring in Århus/Hinnerup and Greater Copenhagen area. Our site will be live as soon as we can disclose our amazing project :)

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