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Graphic Design Wizard

Salary NOK 17,500 - NOK 17,500
Equity To be negotiated

Do you see the data in visual form, graphs and dynamic interactions between the datapoints?

Than we in Again X might be your match in heaven! Ok, we might exaggerate here, but we really would like to hear from you.

Our aim in Again X is to dramatically disrupt one of the most conservative domains, the one dealing with buildings.

We have the knowledge on how to do it, but complexity is tricky to explain and simplify.

That is why we need you to help us with it, to put the dot on the i.


Your background is from graphical field, simplicity and clarity is your mantra, you like not only statical fancy-schmency visuals, but also the dynamic ones, the ones that reveal more, the more you click and aggregate more data points.

Coding knowledge will be on your side of the force, but the will to learn compensate will it.

If you think that working, fun and creativity go hand in hand, then let us know more about you, your background, interest and why Again X will allow your creativity and visual expand X times.


We offer now a #paid #internship, to get to know your amazing skills set, and we are looking into transforming that in a long term journey towards changing the way complexity is visualised while we deliver our impactful sustainable analysis tool.

Depending on your availability, the salary ranges up to 17500 nok/month (1750 EUR/month)

Tools that we use, and could be expanded based on your input:


*Affinity Designer / Photo

*Adobe Photoshop / InDesigner



For more information or questions please contact us at kpi@againx.ai or phone number 94031848

Perks and benefits

This job comes with several perks and benefits

Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

Time is precious. Make it count. Morning person or night owl, this job is for you.

Remote work allowed
Remote work allowed

You know how you perform best. Work from your couch, your favorite cafe or abroad when you feel like it.

Free coffee / tea
Free coffee / tea

Get your caffeine fix to get you started and keep you going.

Social gatherings
Social gatherings

Social gatherings and games; hang out with your colleagues.

Near public transit
Near public transit

Easy access and treehugger friendly workplace.

Skill development
Skill development

We want to take you from good to great.

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Working at
Again X

The world is getting urbanized and we need more and more resources to build and develop our cities. With this growth comes an increased pressure on natural resources. At the same time we have already have an impressive ''bank of materials'' available in the cities, namely in our buildings. By mapping and understanding the amount, quality and accessibility of these materials we can better plan for the future. We can decrease the pressure on new materials and create a circular building industry. AGAIN X provides a top down approach to mapping existing buildings, their content and status, by using aggregated data and machine learning. Our SaaS platform will give better KPIs(Key Performance Indicators) to real estate investors and managers. The KPIs will help them make more sustainable long-term decisions; better for their wallet and better for the planet.

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