Senior Ethereum -> DeFi -> Smart Contract Engineer

Equity 5%

Direct applicants only, all agency applications are rejected without being processed.

About Peyya

Peyya today are the founding team and we are now looking to build our core team of passionate people who are harnessing blockchain technology for building a fair, efficient, safe, and borderless global economy.

Peyya is a next-generation payment provider. We help creators, merchants and everyday shoppers to pay and get paid hassle free in any open Metaverse, NFT or Web3 solution using regular money in ways people already know and trust.

The world around us is rapidly shifting from closed gardens to open, collaborative and fair societies where creators demand ways to own their creations and monetize from their work, and companies express their need to innovate and adapt to meet customer expectations in the emerging metaverse economy. At the same time everyday shoppers are at the sidelines watching with curiosity, just waiting for the next thing to come along that makes metaverse and NFT’s accessible for non-crypto natives.

We are building that next thing and our message to the everyday shoppers out there: Attention Shoppers - Metaverse Is Open

Peyya is a technology company that builds a decentralized payments infrastructure to support the next billion everyday people and creators in their strive to engage in metaverse and the digital creator economy.

Our product is carefully designed to make shopping experience and payments feel natural in any virtual environment, whether you’re buying an NFT or just grabbing a coffee with a friend. And because we’re are bridging Web3 with existing payment infrastructure, there’s no need for metaverse residents to go through a lengthy learning curve - anyone can start using Peyya right away.

Peyya connects core banking systems with blockchain, digitalizing accounts and tokenizing balances, enabling the use of central bank regulated digital money on-chain. It provides the possibility of integration via APIs or via smart contracts. Peyya is a Hybrid CBDC solution meaning we as providers are both issuing the digital currency as well as providing the transaction infrastructure and payment initiation- and account information services.

Our DeFi-as-a-Service platform is working under a European Electronic Money licence that enables blockchain projects to open regulated tokenized cash accounts with an IBAN, and operate payments with regulated electronic money natively on blockchain.

What is built so far

  • Tokenization and core banking compliance protocols.
  • Global blockchain payment rails - Think of a Swift / Sepa / Bacs / FedNow - Killer

What we are building now

  • Checkout and Buy now buttons for NFT’s and Metaverse - Think PayPal for Web3
  • Mobile Wallet - Think Venmo meets Argent
  • Multi-signature Wallet for Merchants and Global companies
  • Embeddable finance 2.0 - Payment gateway embedded directly in NFT's 
  • Product Finance & Buy Now Pay Later - Think Klarna for Web3
  • DeFi-infrastructure-as-a-Service - Think Stripe for Web3

About this job

In parallel with product development we are going to migrate our solution from a single chain solution to SKALE, an Ethereum-native multichain network and an Ethereum scaling solution. And we are looking for an experienced Solidity Engineer with a proven track record that knows her/his way around the standard ERC's and Smart Contracts, to take ownership as our lead ethereum developer. 

Key responsibilities

  • Work with the Product Manager to come up with the best solution and migration plan.
  • Review the open source project we are looking to migrate.
  • Prepare the migration to our specific requirements.
  • Manage and perform the migration to SKALE.
  • Setup build, test and deploy CI/CD pipelines in Github Actions or Azure DevOps.
  • Create thorough documentation for all completed work.
  • Prepare the code for a contract security audit.

Must have

  • Be an active contributor to the ethereum community
  • You need to be proficient in the English language both written and verbal at a level equivalent to English level C1
  • Previous experience in developing DeFi products
  • Excellent knowledge in Solidity 
  • Excellent knowledge in the standard ERC's, 
  • Excellent knowledge in Smart Contract development
  • Excellent knowledge in NFT development
  • Excellent knowledge in Github and Gitflow

Nice to have

    • Previous experience in deploying solutions on SKALE
    • Previously deployed code that has successfully passed a contract security audit.
    • Experience in MongoDB, Truffle, Web3.js, Jest, Express, Nextjs
    • DevOps skills enough to setup your own CI/CD pipelines
    • Experience in Github Actions

    Our stack

    • Solidity
    • Truffle
    • Web3.js
    • Ether.js
    • Typescript
    • Node.js
    • MongoDB
    • Express
    • Jest
    • Next.js
    • Github
    • Github Actions
    • GitFlow

    Location & Work life balance

    We are a fully distributed team and have the tools and benefits to support you in your remote work environment. This role is location agnostic anywhere in the world and we apply a non-linear workday, meaning you do your hours when it best fits you as long as it doesn't affect the team and your performance. We do require that you overlap +/- 4 working hours with GMT+2

    Peyya is an Equal Opportunity Employer

    We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and we believe in the strength of diversity.


    We don’t care, we’re all about your skills!

      Direct applicants only, all agency applications are rejected without being processed.

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      Perks and benefits

      This job comes with several perks and benefits

      Free coffee / tea
      Free coffee / tea

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      Near public transit
      Near public transit

      Easy access and treehugger friendly workplace.

      Social gatherings
      Social gatherings

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      Equity package
      Equity package

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      Pension plan
      Pension plan

      We take care of you, even when you are old and wrinkly.

      Free friday beers
      Free friday beers

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      Peyya - Into The Metaverse

      Peyya is a fintech startup developing next-generation payment infrastructure. At Peyya we are fueled by the fundamental belief that increased trust and financial freedom, create opportunities and financial inclusion that liberates people to live life to its fullest. By bridging the gap between traditional banking and decentralized finance, we bring the next generation of decentralized payment infrastructure based on blockchain payment rails and distributed ledger technology, to the masses. Allowing money to move effortlessly between people, companies, and nations, all over the world, in any way they choose, without the boundaries of intermediaries and legacy technology. All while gaining transparency, traceability, and accountability. And this, we believe, will empower people and entrepreneurs to join and thrive in the global economy and contribute to democratizing society, reducing poverty, and creating a sustainable global economy. Our fintech platform brings together everything needed for companies to issue Central Bank Digital Currency along with the infrastructure and building blocks to design and implement blockchain-powered payments in any solution. The platform can power anything from SaaS and Marketplace payments to CPQ and CRM-powered payments, automated micropayments, decentralized escrow payments, and everything in between. All transactions are made via our blockchain payment rails which make them instant, and cross-border payments are made directly between sender-receiver without any routing, hence reducing time, cost and risk.

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