Developer wanted to speed up world's transition to sustainable material consumption!

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We need a kickass tech guru who wants to work with us saving the planet. Sharing our mission to accelerate the world's transition to more sustainable material usages and shift to more circular ecosystems! NOW!

We need to build a b2b marketplace to connect sustainable packaging suppliers with buyers across Europe, but more importantly, we are building the best go-to tool for medium sized companies to facilitate the buying process of new packaging which today is an extremely tiresome and complex process. What if we could reduce it from months to days? Just imagine the impact we could have on nature replacing plastics today!


About Circulate

Overconsumption is a fact and since 1970 we have been consuming more than the planet can provide us with in a year. Single-use items are one of the most wasteful usages of our valuable resources, packaging being a huge part of this. In addition, our nature and oceans are filling up with plastics. Plastics that have an average useful lifetime of 12 minutes but takes 1000 years to decompose. This can’t continue. We need to learn how to do more with less, decrease packaging where we can and use more biodegradable materials until we have perfectly closed circular ecosystems. Change is coming, with many regulations forcing companies to shift. But finding and evaluating new sustainable packaging solutions is today a very tiresome and complex task, especially for smaller companies, as the industry lacks digitalization, transparency and guidance.

Circulate is a B2B marketplace guiding SMEs in a simple way to finding the most suitable and sustainable packaging solutions for their specific needs. We are consolidating the offering of sustainable packaging producers around Europe, increasing transparency and efficiency and enabling for supply chain automation. 

Sustainable packaging producers get support driving their currently very poor digital sales channel, reach new types of customers and markets and access to analytics and forecasting so they can successfully grow their business. Because if they win - we all win! 

Circulate is grounded in a marketplace, but more importantly significantly disrupting the industry by serving as the most outstanding purchasing and decision tool for buyers, guiding them through the jungle of options. It will be crucial for us to innovate with analytics and data, to build a virtual advisor who continuously help buyers improve and reduce packaging usage, calculate their specific carbon footprint and savings over time. Hopefully creating new standards for the industry as we wander into the unknown.

We want to grow with the circular economy, be an accelerating enabler for helping society in this transition. At the moment we are looking to be a marketplace replacing plastics and reduce inefficient resource usages, but the market is really in disruption so in 3-5 years the business may have grown into something completely different in the circular economy.

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We are dedicated to accelerate the transition to more sustainable material usage in packaging industry by guiding and facilitating the purchasing process for SMEs. We are building the go-to-place in Europe for any company looking to find new packaging solutions, guiding them through the process, as a B2B marketplace connecting buyers and sellers across Europe. Developed through working in the industry, accelerated by Antler

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