COO for EdTech startup with Angel/seed round already completed

Counselor Oslo Full-time
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We are an EdTech startup that aims to disrupt the university admissions industry worldwide. The industry is highly fragmented, with over 20,000 small companies helping students find and apply to universities globally, and university recruitment is highly inefficient, with universities spending thousands of dollars per student on recruitment. Our offering will upend both by digitizing and using state of the art tech features to consolidate recruiting at a fraction of the cost.

We are looking for a COO with operations management experience, financial background, and preferably experience with HR, PR and content. We are a small company that completed our Angel/seed round, with a major private equity player in Norway, and our product spec. We are getting ready for the next step, which is to fully develop our platform/service. As part of our spec, we have already developed an MVP idea which shows a lot of the features we will have in the full platform. We will have AI and machine learning features as well as API connections with CMSs for various educational organizations. We are in stealth mode so we do not have a public presence.

We are looking for a COO who can help us plan and put together the nuts and bolts of the company. Someone who is a perfectionist, process oriented, who is thorough and a hard worker. Experience managing operations, teams, processes and communications is important. Experience with startups is helpful. We have over 40% of our 1st round ($1.5MM) committed and anticipate having little problem funding the rest. We need to complete a team (COO & CTO) to close funding. When we close we will get started full time, and until then there will be little work other than meeting investors and planning for ramping up.Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

For more information or questions please contact us at

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Flexible working hours
Flexible working hours

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Equity package

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Counselor is a Oslo, Norway, based company that aims to disrupt the university admissions business. This startup will digitize the work and success of another 10 year-old startup. So there is 10 years of experience in successfully delivering services to clients in this space. We have completed our Angel/seed round with a top Norwegian private equity player and with that round completed our MVP idea and spec. We are about to enter our 1st round of financing and are putting together our team (CO 6CTO) to be able to present to investors and close funding that will enable us to develop the product/service and have some runway after launch. We are working with several tech partners to develop our product/service.

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