Invesdor is the leading equity crowdfunding platform in the Nordics connecting companies from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and UK with investors from all over the world.
Type Crowdfunding

Investment info

Invests in
Product or prototype
Go to market
Growth and expansion
Investment range
€ < 25K
€ 25 - 50K
€ 50 - 100K
€ 100 - 500K
€ 0,5 - 1M
€ 1 - 5M
Primary markets
Consumer, Companies, Marketplace
Investing in countries
Denmark, Finland, Northern Ireland, Norway, Sweden

Focus areas

Consumer Goods
Consumer Goods
Media & Entertainment
Media & Entertainment
Healthcare & Life Science
Healthcare & Life Science
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More about Invesdor

Invesdor is a multi-stage, multi-segment digital platform for raising equity finance. They help companies from seed to IPO raise finance through their easy to use platform.



The company was founded in Helsinki in 2012 by Lasse Mäkelä, CEO and a group of friends. The team and board have broad experience from several areas of finance, marketing, and growth companies.


How much do they invest?

Invesdor have facilitated small rounds of less than €100,000 then up to €3.4m for an IPO in Finland recently. The amounts raised are somewhat limited to the prospectus rules in each country, but if the regulations are followed correctly Invesdor can raise unlimited amounts.


How do they work?

As a general rule, Invesdor is business idea agnostic. They wish to leave as much of the investment decision up to their investors. However, they ensure that they have thoroughly researched each company they work with and perform reputation, structural, company and legal due diligence checks – providing as safe as possible platform for investors to find new opportunities.


This makes a difference to them

Invesdor have identified 5 key factors that can help make a campaign success, and therefore they look at these points (amongst others) when reviewing applications. 1. Great story 2. Good network 3. Lead investors. 4. Simple structure 5. Marketing prowess.


Key People

Lasse Mäkelä - CEO
Lasse founded Invesdor in 2012. He was working in corporate finance most of his life, beginning with Merrill Lynch in London, then continuing with a number of finance houses in Helsinki before founding Invesdor with a group of friends.

Peter Moore – Equity Director
Peter joined Invesdor in 2015 and is responsible for developing Invesdor’s presence in the Nordics -  finding, acquiring, helping and supporting companies through the fund raising process. Previous to Invesdor he worked in London as a portfolio manager for private clients and institutions. You can reach him at

Erik Rehn - Sales Director
Erik joined Invesdor in 2017. He is responsible for developing Invesdor's target company acquisition and screening in all markets. Before moving to Invesdor he was head of IBM's Watson AI business in the Nordic countries and worked at PwC UK as an M&A strategy consultant. Erik can be reached at


Startups they funded

Examples include Bad Norwegian (NOR), Cloud Insurance (NOR), Heeros (FIN), Helsinki Allas (FIN), Siili (FIN), Heimo (FIN), IronSky (FIN), EkoRent (FIN).

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